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After School Snacks with Del Monte

As a family, we’re going through a big period of change right now. I left my job of 7 years to blog full time last week. And my sweet son will be starting kindergarten in August! He was able to attend summer school for a few weeks in June at his new school. And boy, did he learn a lot! He learned how to ride the bus, how to buy lunch at the cafeteria, and that his favorite class is recess! At the end of the day, he would come home exhausted and ready to eat.

I started to keep Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks on hand, and Del Monte® 100% Juice Diced Pears were his favorite! I must admit that I was completely unprepared for how hungry he would be after school. I have always heard that after-school snacks are a big deal and my goodness, that is the truth! He would get off the bus, run inside and eat snack after snack!

After School Snacks with Dell Monte

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On the first day, I was completely unprepared for how hungry he would be! That night, we went to the grocery store and picked up a cart full of nutritious snacks. Fruit was at the top of the list! I grew up eating Del Monte® Diced Pears, and my son loves them as much as I do. I feel good about providing him with a full serving of non-GMO fruit. And, his favorite pear cups have 25% less sugar than the National leading brand!*

So, what about me? Mama loves fruit cups, too!

Del Monte has a line of Adult Fruit Cups now, including my favorite Del Monte® Fruit & Oats™! I love these cups for a nutritious breakfast or a fruit-focused snack in the afternoon. These cups are the first ready-to-eat oatmeal with a full serving of fruit** and 20g of whole grains. Every morning, I heat up the Strawberry Apple Fruit & Oats Cup just a bit and eat it while I drink my morning coffee.

Even though it’s busy, we’re having a lot of fun getting ready for back-to-school! Good luck with your back to school shopping this week!


*Contains 13g of sugar per serving compared to 18g of sugar per serving in the National leading brand.

** Each container has 1 serving (1/2 cup) of fruit per USDA Nutrient Data.