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about blackberry babe

Hi! I'm Michelle.

Or you might know me as Blackberry Babe. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm just a working Mom trying to keep dinner fresh and exciting for my family, and having fun making charcuterie boxes for my community! 

aboutimageI have this crazy dream. I want my son to know the difference between a radish and a beet. And how to pick out a good cut of meat. And how to test to see if the pasta is done. I want him to see his parents putting dinner together at the end of long work days, making good food a priority.

I truly believe that home cooked food can lift your spirits and bring your family together. Eating together around the table is one tradition we uphold daily.

My food hero is my maternal grandmother. Grandma was a wife, active farmer, and mother to 11 children. She lived to the age of 86 and was sharp and active until she passed. And that woman could cook! Her coleslaw recipe is a classic, vinegar-based country-style slaw that is Blackberry Babe's most popular recipe. Grandma served garden fresh green beans and crisp lettuce salads with lard fried chicken, and didn't think twice about it. I learned to cook with her recipes, and am so grateful for that. 

I learned the basics from her, but I'm cooking up simple, modern dishes like these Sriracha Peach Shrimp Skewers, and this seriously epic Southwest Quinoa Salad. Whether it's a family favorite or an original creation, you'll notice is that most of my recipes are friendly on time, because my schedule demands it, and I bet yours does too! Ain't nobody got time to spatchcock a chicken! 


Sweet Chili Shrimp Tacos // Cabbage, Radish, & Apple Cole Slaw // Egg BLT Sandwich

I share easy to make recipes so I have plenty of time to spend with my son and husband, and to do the other things that make me happy. Like binge watching shows, devouring every new fantasy or sci fi book that comes out (nerd alert), snuggling with my cat (double nerd alert),  and spending as much time as humanly possible near the ocean. 

I hope to share what I learn with you on this blog, and help spread some of the joy that cooking gives me to everyone who visits. 

See you in the kitchen,

Brand Inquiries

One of my favorite parts of this blog is the opportunity to incorporate awesome products into recipes.
If you're interested in partnering with me, let's chat! I'm nice, I respond quickly and I actually meet my deadlines. Sound too good to be true? Try me! E-mail me at blackberrybabeblog (at) to inquire.