I often get the question “How can I support your business?”

Friends, family, and people that I strike up conversation with want to help my small business grow, the same desire most of us naturally have to help our favorite family-owned restaurant, bakery or flower shop!

Many bloggers like myself are small businesses that give back to our communities, just like your neighborhood businesses! In 2021, I gave back 5% of revenue to local charities in Kansas City and gave countless in-kind donations of my services to events and auctions.

People see this and ask me how they can help. I have to admit, when you own a business that’s mostly digital, it can be hard to articulate the best ways for people to help you grow!

I’ve been blogging for 8 years now, and honestly, I should have written this post 7 years ago! But it’s better late than never. Without further ado, here are my top 3 recommended ways to support your favorite blogger:

#1- Visit their blog:

I know this seems crazy simple, but for most of us, our income comes from people visiting our websites! The advertisements that you see on each page help us pay our mortgage, our grocery bills and our kid’s soccer registration fees.

I like to describe my blog as an online magazine, for those that are newer to the digital world. Just as you expect to see paid advertisements in your favorite print magazine, so should you expect to see them on your favorite websites, especially those (like mine) that don’t require you to pay a subscription to view it!

So, when your favorite blogger posts a new recipe or post, click on that post, and give it a read!

#2- Share:

I would never (ever) ask any of you to share something that you don’t love. But, when you do see a blogger share a post that you love, share it! You can share it on Facebook, on your Instagram stories, or even just in text message to a few close friends.

Most of us do not have significant marketing budgets, and while some bloggers have extensive teams, most run solo (like me)! Helping spread the word about our work is so very helpful.

#3- Thank with Google:

I’m excited to be one of Google’s paid early testers for their Thank with Google pilot program, and between me and you, I hope this pilot is a smash success! Thank with Google is an experimental feature that allows you to purchase a virtual sticker and directly show your appreciation for content on my website.

On each blog post I share; you’ll notice a blue “Thank” button. If you click on this button, you’ll be provided with both free and paid options to show your support and appreciation for the content on my website.

I love the concept of Thank with Google because it’s a fun way for me to connect with my audience, and it means the world when someone shows appreciation (yes, even if it’s the “free” option!)

If you do choose a paid sticker, there is a wide selection to purchase and send me, and you can send a personal note!

You can find the Thank with Google button at the top of this blog post and in the right-hand sidebar of my blog.

Please test it out, even just to send a free sticker, and let me know what you think! Happy Holidays, and thanks as always for your support of my small business.