Read below for my honest review of Click & Grow indoor gardening system, including the pros and cons and basic overview of how to use!

I was contacted by the team at Click & Grow earlier in 2023 asking if I was interested in trying out their indoor smart garden. I was interested, but had to get the okay from my husband, who is our family’s green thumb! He was excited to get some fresh produce growing during the cold winter months here in the Midwest. I let the Click and Grow team know that we were willing to try it out, and they sent it to us mid-December!

After almost three months, I thought it was time to document my thoughts about this smart garden and what has worked well for us (as well as what hasn’t worked)!

Read on below for our experience with the Click & Grow Smart Garden.

a photo of the Click and Grow Smart Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden 27

The Click and Grow team sent us the Smart Garden 27. The Smart Garden 27 comes with three Smart Garden 9 grow units (where the plants actually grow), and a stand made of birchwood with three tiers to place the three smart gardens.

Altogether, this smart garden is fairly compact, measuring about 47” tall, and just over two feet wide.

Included in the package were 27 plant pods to get us started. These pods are kind of like large coffee K-Cups, except they are filled with soil and seed. They’re designed to self-water from the water tank in each of the units. Pretty cool!

Setting up the unit took about 30 minutes from start to finish. I am fairly challenged when it comes to putting things together, but this was very do-able for me and the instructions were simple and clear.

We were pleasantly surprised with how fast set-up went! Once the smart garden and stand is set up, all you need to do is plug the gardens in, fill the water tanks, and drop seed pods in the openings. Very easy.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Water Tank
The opening to fill the water tank is on the front left corner of each Smart Garden 9 unit. There is a bobber that you can press down to see how much water is left. The bobber can be removed to refill the tank. We used empty milk jugs to re-fill the water tanks.

How to Use Seed Pods

To insert the plant pods, it’s as easy as dropping the pre-seeded pods in the open slots of the Click and Grow smart garden and filling the water tank. There are small plastic covers you will want to put over the top of the seed pods to make a greenhouse effect. Check the photo below to see the little plastic covers on a few seed pods we were germinating (bottom row). Using the plastic cover will help the seed germinate and sprout quicker! Once the seed has sprouted and the plant is visible above the soil, you can remove the plastic cover. 

If you want to grow with your own seeds, you can buy pods without seeds and sow your own seeds in them! Click and Grow calls them their “grow anything” plant pods.

a photo of the click & grow smart garden

Is Click and Grow Hydroponic

No, not technically. Hydroponic gardens do not use soil, and Click and Grow is a soil-based system. There is a small amount of soil in each pod. 

However, the garden is a self-watering system. Each seed pod has a funnel on the bottom with a hole in it that dips into the water tank. Each water reservoir holds about a gallon of water. You are able to test the water level by pressing down on the bobber top. If it pops back up, there’s still water in the tank! 

I really like this watering system because it’s super efficient. The plant takes what it needs, when it needs it! There’s no water pump to maintain, and overall less water is used. It’s a great option for hydroponic gardening with minimal effort. 

Also, if you’re like me and prone to overwatering (over loving) your plants, this takes all of the guess work out of watering.

a photo of a seed pod in the click and grow garden
The water tank lies below the seed pods. Water funnels up the bottom of the seed pod when the soil dries out.

Our Favorite Seed Pods

Hands down, our favorite seed variety so far has been green leaf lettuce! It is SO bountiful. We had our first harvest (about a gallon-sized bag of lettuce) only 3 weeks after starting the seeds. Each green leaf lettuce pod has given us 4-5 harvests.

All of the herb varieties are also doing very well. After 2.5 months, we have not had to replace/re-start any of the herb pods yet.

The romaine lettuce varieties are slower growing than the green leaf lettuce, but they are thriving, too! Each pod has given us 3-4 harvests.

We did have a few seed pods that never germinated, but Click & Grow customer service happily replaced them for us! If you have this issue, they will work with you to make sure you have everything set up correctly, and if you do, they will send your replacement pods quickly.

Pros and Cons


Ease of Use: Even though we have the larger Smart Garden 27, setting up the system took about 30 minutes from start to finish. The light settings mimic natural sunlight and automatically rotate the light cycle for you. We only had to fill the water tanks about every 5 days. Overall, this system is easy to figure out.

Low Maintenance: The Click and Grow system is a great option if you are a lazy gardener! Other than watering, there is not much maintenance involved at all. 

Good for Limited Space: The compact size of this countertop garden is definitely a plus! If you buy a single Smart Garden 9, it will fit easily on your kitchen countertop. If you buy a Smart Garden 27 like we have, it is vertical in design, taking up minimal floor space in your living room or kitchen. 

Attractive Design: Having the Click and Grow garden in your living space or even your bedroom would not look out of place! It works in small spaces and has an attractive modern design. 


Best for small plants: We did not have as much luck with plants that grow taller than the system itself. The plant growth seemed stunted once it surpassed the top bar where the light bars are. The height of the light may be a limiter if you’d like to grow larger plants. 

We did try growing vegetables like sweet peas and tomatoes. These plants produced for us, but were fairly limited in yield. I believe these larger plants need more headroom and more soil to hit their optimal growth and production.

While the small size of this garden is certainly a bonus when you have limited space, it also is a limiter in what plants will grow well. 

​The Verdict

I think that the Click and Grow system is one of the best indoor gardens out there for growing leafy greens and fresh herbs! These are two items that are wildly overpriced in the grocery store, and really offer quite a bit of savings if you grow your own. 

If you have limited space, like we do, I recommend starting with a Smart Garden 9 for your kitchen countertop to grow lettuce and herbs.

If you know that you will want a wide variety of plants, the larger Smart Garden 27 is a great option! Make sure to use the discount code below for savings if you purchase!

If you have any questions, I’d love to help! Just leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you in 1-2 days.

A photo of a click and grow indoor garde

Click and Grow provided me with a smart garden to test in my my home. If you decide to purchase a smart garden, I may receive a small commission from your purchase, but your price will not change.