This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of GROHE and Millennial Blogs. All opinions remain my own.

If you’ve been following Blackberry Babe since the beginning, you’ve heard me talk about our house. We purchased a 1970’s Spanish-style home in a lake community about three years ago. And it’s awesome. Three fireplaces, wood beam ceilings, and funkiness to spare! The bad news? It’s terribly, horribly outdated. Everything needed modernization when we bought it. We’ve done a bit of work already. We’ve painted rooms, replaced lighting fixtures, and flooring. The one major room that we have left to renovate? The kitchen!

I live in the kitchen, so while I want it to be aesthetically beautiful, I also need it to be functional. My biggest pain point has been the configuration of the kitchen sink and faucet. Replacing both is the first step in making our kitchen both beautiful and functional! We had a double tub sink, with one large tub, and one teeny, tiny narrow tub which was also connected to the dish disposal. Every day, I grumbled about this set-up while I was trying to rinse a pan and get it clean enough for the dishwasher. Our faucet was short and stubby. When I tried to clean dishes into the narrow portion of the sink, it would spray all over the counter.

For this quick renovation, I replaced our white cast iron sink with a stainless, single well. I also chose the GROHE Foot Control faucet. If you haven’t heard about GROHE, it’s likely because they’re a German company. Their faucets are beautiful, but also engineered to make your life more convenient. This particular faucet I chose has foot control, which allows me to tap my foot to turn the faucet on! I tap my foot on an activation plate that which is installed discreetly under my cabinet, you can’t even see it!
For me, this is the most exciting feature for this faucet. How many times have you had to juggle a heavy pot of water with one hand, balancing it on the rim of the sink? Or had messy hands when you needed to turn the faucet on? With the foot control technology, you have both hands free to do what you need to do!
I love clean and modern design. Over the next few months, we will pour concrete counter tops, paint the cabinets, and add new brass hardware. Kicking off our renovation with the GROHE K7 Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet in Supersteel gave us a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen, and it makes my busy life in the kitchen so much simpler. I’m in love!