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Losing the Last 5 Pounds Part 2: Personal Trainer Food Review

Well, it's been a month! A month of very disciplined eating, helped out by the folks at Personal Trainer Foods.

I completed their RECON program over a 28-day period and am so happy with my results! I wanted to lose between 5 to 10 pounds and wanted to end up with a much slimmer stomach. You can read about my goals in the original post here. Well, I'm pleased to announce that I reached both of my goals! Read on below for before and after pics and more information about the program!

What was great

If you're busy and struggle with prepping for your meals, Personal Trainer's plan is excellent. Everything is flash frozen and ready to go in a steamer bag for the microwave. Being able to pack my home and work fridge with these meals and have them on hand was so convenient, and not having to even think about what I was eating was so refreshing! 

Once I got through the initial slump (more below), I felt GREAT! I had a ton of energy and virtually no cravings. I also saw fairly quick results on my stomach, which was my target area. I think there's a lot of value in paying for help, even if it's on the food preparation side. It takes the guess work and the possibility for error out! 

What was hard

I hate to lead with this, but it was very hard for me to not have the occasional glass of wine on this plan. Alcohol can bump you out of fat burning, so it's important to stick to the no alcohol rule. Any setbacks I had were mostly alcohol related. I'd go to a barbecue or party, or work happy hour, and have 1-2 drinks. And I would tell the difference the next few days. Use all of your willpower to abstain, even if you're headed to a super fun party! It's just not worth setting yourself back.

Also, the first week or so was very tough. I had low energy, headaches and was very irritable. The folks at Personal Trainer told me this could happen, and advised I try to drink a TON of water and take electrolyte tablets. This helped a bunch when I started doing both of these things. And, I eventually did turn the corner and feel great again.

Once you get over the hump, it's no big deal! You'll wish for a little bit more variety, but remember that it's just a few weeks and you'll see great results if you stick to the plan.

My favorite food choices

Breakfast: Any of the omelettes or fritattas. Yum! 

Lunch/Dinner: Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast, Zesty Tenders, Teriyaki Chicken (this is thigh meat), PTF Blend, California Blend. All of the veggies are good, really.

I struggled a bit with the variety, but that was mostly of my own doing. I'm not a big fan of sausage or meatballs, so I was pretty well stuck with burgers and/or chicken. I liked the breaded chicken varieties better, surprisingly, as I found the texture more appealing. 

My results

I lost 6 pounds and ONE dress size in my month on Personal Trainer's plan. Most of this weight came off my waist, which was exactly what I wanted. More specifically, I had a fundraiser that I wanted to wear this Size 8 dress from ASOS to! I had already purchased it and it was way too tight through the midsection. I definitely should have bought a 10! Well, the RECON plan helped me drop that dress s

ize. I haven't been a size 8 since college! I'm tall (6'0'') and getting down into the single digits on sizes is a big deal for any tall chick! 

Overall, I'm very happy with my results from a month on the Personal Trainer RECON plan! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to answer them for you! 

I asked Personal Trainer Foods for a promo code to provide you! It’s “Blackberrybabe.” That will take $125 off any 28-day plan for you!

*Note: I was provided a 28-day supply of food in exchange for my honest review and committed participation to the program. Thanks for reading! 


Bonnie Hosey

Monday 3rd of July 2017

Hi there my name is Bonnie and I to absolutely love the personal trainer food actually my doctor was the one that wanted me to get on the program because of my health I have several let's say challenges in the health department and I wasn't really thrilled about it but then at the end of that month I did everything they said I walked and I would take my dog for walks which was something I hadn't done before and I lost right at 32 lb and it was so easy I couldn't believe how easy it was I am a single retired school teacher so it's a little difficult for me to afford unless they have the the big 225 off and then you know I can jump in there but the stuff is great absolutely love it and you the thing about it is you get the exact number of proteins carbs fats that you're supposed to have that's what my doctor stressed to me and I feel so much better than I have in years years I'd say twenty years maybe so thank you personal trainer food for helping to give my health back


Friday 7th of July 2017

Totally agree! It's a little pricey, but if you stick with it, the results definitely pay for themselves! It's worth it. Congrats on getting your health back!