Over the past year, I’ve lost over 20 pounds. This was weight that had stuck on after my son was born, that I just never got around to losing! I remember when my Mom and sister would tell me to “just wait.” That once I had kiddos of my own, that losing weight would feel impossible. Well, they were right! It’s been slow and steady progress, with a lot of setbacks. Two steps forward, one step back the whole way. In my early 20’s, I could decide to lose five pounds and do so in the manner of days. Now that I’m a thirty something Mom, those five pounds could take me two months, and that’s assuming I don’t drink wine (most nights). And yes, I know this will only get even harder each decade I age! 

Lately, I’ve been frustrated. Despite continued hard time in the gym, I’ve been STUCK!  I’ve had a end weight goal in mind since I started this journey in early 2016, and I’m so close I can taste it. That’s why when Personal Trainer Foods contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their one-month plan, I nearly jumped for joy! It seriously felt like prayers being answered, to help me finally reach my goal. 

What is Personal Trainer Foods

To me, Personal Trainer Foods makes the whole meal prep craze a lot easier. I have the absolute best of intentions. I do have to meal prep in order to eat healthy throughout the week. But some weekends, we’re out of town. Or we’re busy with other things, and I’m doing good just to get groceries in, much less spend Sunday afternoon prepping! Personal Trainer Foods provides lean protein and veggies that are flash frozen and easily microwavable so you don’t get off track.

Why I Chose the RECON Plan

So, here’s the deal. I’m a woman (obviously). But, I’m a tall woman. And, I’m crazy active, logging several spin classes a weight and 2-3 weight training sessions. So I’ve got needs. Caloric needs. And protein needs. When I looked at the plans that Personal Trainer Foods offered, the RECON plan (aka high protein) best fit the macros that I strive for, and feel best when I stick to. I talked with Mike at Personal Trainer Foods about it, and he said that it’s typical for active women who lift to chose the RECON program, and assured me I shouldn’t  feel weird about it. So, my friends, I’ll be doubling up on my protein servings for dinner. Bonus for this, I will likely stay full enough not to reach for the Oreos before bedtime!

The RECON plan is higher protein and a good choice for those who are actively working to build muscle while losing fat. I get a high protein breakfast (think omelettes, bacon, fritattas), a protein and veggie for lunch, and TWO proteins and a veggie for dinner. Hey, hey, hey! Personal Trainer also allows other foods on their plan, for example you can have one apple a day, all the nuts you can stand, up to 6 ounces of hard cheese (YES!!!) and pretty much unlimited veggies and lean proteins above what they provide.

If I’m being honest with you all, this very closely mirrors what I’ve been trying to do on my own, I just flub the meal prep part so often that I end up eating what I make my family some nights! And great abs aren’t built on carbonara, ya know? 

Receiving Personal Trainer Food

The food arrived in a huge cooler, and was frozen. I need to emphasize that this is a LOT of food. An entire month’s supply! They do offer a two week supply for those with limited freezer space. I will say I’ve never been so glad for my deep freezer, because our normal freezer is always packed to the brim. The food from Personal Trainer arrives in plastic baggies that can be popped directly in the microwave. My initial impression here is that it keeps the food from drying out. Think of those steamer vegetable bags you can find in the freezer section now. Kind of like that.

For breakfast, I mostly chose egg and bacon based meals. I’m not a huge sausage fan, so that counted me out for many choices. If you love sausage, you’re in luck! Lunch and dinner are a combination of vegetables and proteins. I picked a wide array of veggie blends, and proteins. My friend Derek at Dad with a Pan has successfully completed this plan, and highly recommended the Buffalo Chicken sticks. I am a huge chicken breast lover, so I chose a lot of different chicken breasts in various sauces and spices, also pre-sliced chicken that can be thrown on salads. There are a lot of other options; burger patties, sausage and so forth. But what can I say, I love me some poultry!

My Goals on Personal Trainer Foods

I will complete their program as written for the 28-day span, and possibly opt in for a second month if things are going well. This is going to seem crazy specific to you, but I’d like to lose a minimum of 5 pounds and a maximum of 10 through this process. And, I’d really (REALLY) like to get rid of my “Mom pooch.” It’s still there. It’s stubborn. And despite the fact that I work out my abs like crazy, I keep being reminded that “abs are made in the kitchen,” meaning you can work out like crazy, but if your diet isn’t right, it’ll show! So, here goes nothing! 

Check my Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates. I’ll be back soon to let you know how it’s going! Oh, and if you want to do this along with me, I asked Personal Trainer Foods for a promo code to provide you! It’s “Blackberrybabe.” That will take $125 off any 28-day plan for you! And then please, send me a message so that I have someone to chat with when I want all the Doritos! 

 *Note: I was provided a 28-day supply of food in exchange for my honest review and committed participation to the program. Thanks for reading!